Mission Statement

The mission of our Church is:

To praise God and Worship Him through prayer and preaching and teaching of His Word;
To help people to be more Christ-like in their relationships with others;
To reach out to all humankind through fellowship, evangelism, and unconditional love;
To seek God’s will according to the Scriptures.

Our core values are:

Being open and welcoming to all people
Encouraging Christian relationships with others
Furthering Church and community fellowship
Valuing our time in God’s house through worship and praise
Being responsive to the needs in the community and the world
Teaching God’s Word

Our vision is:

Ceresco Baptist Church is to be a “beacon” to the community by seeking to establish loving, caring relationships for Senior Adults, Families, Youth, by creating activities that will be challenging, exciting and will fulfill God’s greater Purpose.

Feel free to view the following documents. They are our church rules and procedures and our church constitution.

CBC Rules and Procedures