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Pastor Gary SchoolerPastor Gary

Email: pastorgary1@ymail.com
Cell: 517-990-5883

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My vision for the Church is to pray and seek God’s vision for the future of His Church. I believe we must preach and teach God’s word, and we must make God’s word relevant to the generation of today. We must show them through His word, and by example, that there is hope and peace for them today. Not to judge the current generation, but rather lift them up in prayer and allow the Holy Spirit of God to draw them to service for the greater good of the kingdom of God. To provide sound preaching and teaching to all ages; to build each other up to be disciples, wherever they may serve. I have been married to my wife Phyllis for 30 years. I have one daughter, Amelia. She graduated from Western Michigan in 2013. In my spare time, I enjoy fishing and hunting. That is how I renew myself and is a part of how God has made me.

In Christ’s Service,
Pastor Gary Schooler